Expanding the Reach of Local Food

About Us

Magpie Supply serves to provide disruptive access to local and sustainable food products. We aim to increase profits of small farmers and ranchers by offering valuable market and pricing data. Our logistics platform reduces farmers’ overall transportation costs, while extending their range of distribution channels.

Our Mission

At Magpie Supply, we aim to utilize public data to offer insight to farmers as to which markets would be most lucrative for their product, while also offering a transportation solution allowing them to avoid the headache of getting their goods to market.

Our Story

Magpie Supply was a project conceived for the 2017 GoCode Colorado competition. Go Code Colorado is a statewide apps challenge to bring developers and entrepreneurs together to build better business apps with public data. The innovative Magpie Supply idea inspired 10 strangers, from a variety of background and skill sets, to come together and pursue victory. However, this is not just about the blue ribbon, but the chance to birth a company that makes a meaningful impact for local small farmers. We began as a platform to simply connect farmers with consumers at farmers markets. After countless conversations with small farmers across the state of Colorado, we learned more about the true struggles that confronted most producers - transportation. Colorado is unique in that “local food” can be coming from as much as 300 miles away. Traveling this distance on a frequent basis to reach more distant markers is simply not feasible for small farmers.

The Dream Team

Daniel Daniel Ritchie

Having grown up on farmland in rural Pennsylvania, Daniel's uncommonly relevant background includes a business education, a career in technical architecture and leadership, and he is fueled by an indomitable spirit. Daniel believes Magpie Supply is an opportunity to change the world.

Matthias Matthias Bachmann
UX/UI Architect

On loan from New Zealand, Matthias has been an asset for Magpie Supply but now needs to feed himself. In return for a paycheck, Matthias can offer: idea development, design thinking, storyboarding, wireframes, interaction design, interface design, user testing and validation. Check out his LinkedIn.

Keefer Keefer Caid-Loos
Internal Communications

Keefer is a native Texan and recent transplant to Denver. He graduated with degrees in marketing and communications from Texas A&M University. Keefer specializes in business development, public speaking, and technical writing.

Ellen Ellen Downing
Project Mgmt / Front End Dev

Galvanize student, graduate of Brown University with a degree in neuroscience (yes, Emma Watson did go there, no, Ellen doesn’t know her). Ellen has worked with a select group of Colorado-born, outdoor-minded startups and non-profits: project management, event planning, customer support, marketing and social media, fundraising and everything in between. When not working, Ellen is most definitely, for sure, playing outside.

Gavin Gavin Estenssoro
Data Scientist

Denver native and recent Galvanize Data Science grad. Gavin currently uses his experience with data analysis, consulting, and/or predictive analytics in his role at Tendril. B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis and 5+ years of engineering experience in two sectors of the energy industry: commercial solar and upstream oil & gas.

Ethan Ethan Lockshin
External Communications

Magpie Supply's first team member. Regis University senior who wants to change the world. Repeated kindergarten 3 times. In 2012, Ethan founded a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Lion Laborers based out of Washington D.C. Future goals: ski all seven continents and get my pilots license. Intern at SendGird.

Marcus Marcus Reighter
Data Wrangler / App Developer

A Marine Corps Veteran and a self-taught Android Engineer with a passion for tinkering. During Go Code, Marcus assembled a dataset that has 22% more farmers markets than the USDA. In his off time, Marcus enjoys getting lost in the woods, or picking up heavy weights and putting them back down, then picking them up again.

Emily Emily Shirtz
Web Design / Branding / Marketing Strategy

Creative print and web creator from the Rocky Mountains with an eye for engaging users and clients. Utilizing print and web this technical visual designer brings the color and identity to any project with a flash of simplicity and a little humor along the way. Critical for the look and feel of Magpie Supply.

Mike Mike Melcher

Michael uses his B.S. in Physics and M.S. in Mathematics for all things big data: ETL development, utilizing data for predictive analytics, and machine learning. Utilizes advanced mathematics, data visualization, and programming to find insights for better business decisions. Obsessed with baseball and volunteering for Data for Democracy.

Mike Mike Scherer
Full Stack Developer

Hailing from New York, Michael is a former product manager and recent Turing School graduate. Michael moved to Denver to pursue a career change, a better cost of living, and much better skiing. He is motivated by learning, and is excited to pursue a new career as a web developer. In his free time, Michael likes to do all of the Colordado things.