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Farming and Ranching is Enough to Keep You Busy

We think the best way to help small producers is to offer better ways to transport products. We also offer a map to search historic market pricing, for free.

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Pricing Insight Made Easy

Magpie Supply allows you to search historic farmers' market prices on a map, for free. We also show you all farmers' markets in the state to help you find new opportunities. Simply:

  1. Select a product in the search bar
  2. Click the search button
  3. Use the color coding to find the best prices
  4. View market details and see how prices change throughout the season

Get to Market, for Less

Magpie Supply will soon be handling transportation needs for small producers. Our goal is to give you more shipping options and lower your costs. It doesn't matter where you are delivering, we understand that finding the right market doesn't do you any good if you can't get there. Let us handle the logistics, and spend more time focused on what matters to you.

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